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Mining Services

Mining and mining-related projects are an integral part of Saskatchewan.  PINTER's Saskatchewan roots and history lends itself well to producing cost-effective infrastructure expertise to develop facilities that are self-sufficient and deliver optimal performance.  Our focus in the mining industry is on surface related engineering and environmental projects.

We support our mining clients to help them evaluate potential development assets, improve operations, evaluate and reduce environmental liabilities and assist in appropriate closure and reclamation planning and execution.  Our full-service geotechnical, water resources and environmental science and engineering personnel provide mining industry support for all stages of a project from the exploration permitting stage through to mine closure and beyond with care and maintenance.

Our expertise allows us to fully support our clients in their goal of leaving positive social and environmental legacies, while enhancing the long-term viability of their operations.  Our team can deliver projects which integrate environmental considerations, deliver tailored engineering services that help our clients' facilities attain productivity targets and adapt to shifting market conditions.

Services Offered by PINTER

  • Environmental assessments including detailed Phase II and Phase III and hydrogeological assessments
  • Extensive environmental remediation for spills including in-situ treatment, interceptor trenches and engineered containment systems
  • Project and construction management for surface projects
  • Containment systems including design, installation and inspection
  • Dyke inspections for slope stability
  • Integrated Waste Management Systems
  • Landfarming of contaminated soils on operating sites
  • Waterworks System Assessments
  • Geotechnical Investigations for foundation, slope stability and containment
  • Electro-conductivity work on salt impacts around tailings facilities

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