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A municipal engineering design is necessary anytime a development or engineered structure is to be built, whether its from earthen materials (soil or rock), or requires water & waste water networks, civil design, severe storm water impact assessments, and grading designs for proposed structures.The project must have been engineered, planned and are mandatory with any municipality or city when initiating a construction project.

At PINTER & Associates Ltd. our municipal and civil engineers are experienced in road building, underground utilities, lagoons, landfills, and can assist industrial, commercial, and real estate developments.   Our methods are practical and our quality assurance is industry standard. We deliver cost effective municipal infrastructure assessments to help invest the needs of your construction project. The choice of the right civil engineering consultant will ensure that the construction phase is cost effective and that the project is delivered as per specifications.

PINTER & Associates Ltd.'s municipal engineering, civil, and groundwater knowledge will provide practical assessments and construction solutions to navigate the complex regulatory agency permit requirements and municipal reviews for approvals.

Services Offered by PINTER

  • Design & Construction of Water & Waste Water Treatment
  • Water & Sanitary Sewer Distribution Systems
  • Materials Testing, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control
  • Landfill Design, Permitting & Construction Management
  • Water Well Development, Permitting, Monitoring 
  • Campgrounds, Pools, Arenas
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Land Development Design, Feasibility, Subdivision Planning & Rezoning Applications (Industrial, Residential, Commercial & Recreational)
  • Solid Waste Management Design & Construction
  • Highway, Arterial, Collector Roadway Design
  • Topographic Surveys, Density & Materials Testing
  • Asset Management

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can PINTER move my municipal project forward?

Many people that seek municipal engineering services are looking for one of two broad types of process: Diagnosis or Execution.  Clients seeking the former are looking for advice or expertise on how to proceed (What type and size of water treatment plant do we need?), while clients seeking the latter are looking for prompt results (We need a road here from point A to point B, how much will it cost and when can you start?).  Our municipal services span concept, feasibility, preliminary design, detailed design, procurement administration, construction management, and project record services, so whether you need assistance in establishing your project scope, or know exactly what infrastructure you are looking for, PINTER can help move your project forward and make your vision a reality.


2. How can PINTER assist my municipal project?

Although there are a very wide range of diverse project types included within municipal engineering, PINTER personnel can complete a variety and assortment of activities that are prevalent across the construction industry, including but not limited to: funding program applications; topographic surveying and mapping; soil sampling and geotechnical evaluation; hydrology and drainage design; aggregate sampling and construction material reviews; concept drawing preparation; permit applications; cost estimating and economic analysis; engineering design; specification and construction document preparation; site inspection and field condition documentation, quality control/quality assurance; contract administration; treatment plant inspection and assessment; asset management and long term capital planning.  Contact PINTER today for a no cost/no obligation proposal for any of these or other desired professional services.


3. Do I need a permit to build my project?

Regulatory requirements are complicated and are continuously evolving, with the trend being towards more onerous and complex project mitigations.  Depending on the type of infrastructure asset, and the area that it affects, there may be municipal, provincial, and/or federal approvals required, engineering studies or assessments needed, and/or formal permit applications.  PINTER's personnel can assess your project and identify the type and implications of regulatory requirements which may need to be satisfied in advance of the construction work.


4. We need to expand our landfill.... What needs to be done?

The regulations governing the disposal of solid waste have greatly changed in recent years, and the days of the "open town dump" are long gone.  New and expanded waste collection, transfer, and disposal facilities must be professionally designed with environmental protection as the first and foremost consideration.  Comprehensive field testing programs are required including soil and water testing within the construction area, and ongoing environmental monitoring across the site.  The facility must be actively managed throughout its operational life, with a detailed closure plan developed in advance of decommissioning the site.  PINTER has been involved with the design and construction of many landfill projects, and can assist you with your solid waste disposal needs.


5. What is a Waterworks System Assessment (WSA)?

A Waterworks System Assessment is an inspection and reporting process that is mandatory on a 5-year interval for certain types of Water Treatment Plants regulated by the Water Security Agency, as determined by the number of customers served and the type of facility.  The major purpose of the WSA is to aid the owners, managers, and administrators of these facilities with decisions related to the operation, maintenance, and upgrading of their plants.  Content provided through the WSA process can identify and analyse existing or anticipated health or environmental risks; increase efficiencies or capabilities of the operation; identify future expenses, liabilities, or capacity limitations; and establish water rates that will help the system be self-sustainable.  Some water treatment plants that are not legally required to conduct a WSA choose to proceed with the assessment specifically for these benefits.  PINTER has completed over 150 Waterworks System Assessments and can provide your plant with an economical and comprehensive report.

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